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To bring our clients’ visions to life through expertise, creativity and a deep connection to their purpose

Our Team Leads


Lindsey Rothschild


Lindsey is an educator, entrepreneur, and mom who values creativity, connection and amplifying and uplifting the talents of others. With over 20 years in the field of education, as an adult educator, teacher trainer, curriculum developer and instructional designer, Lindsey has always delighted in creatively meeting the needs and interests of her students and clients. In August 2020, she founded eResponders to help organizations develop and scale their online learning offerings.

Lindsey combined her skills and interests, as well as the strengths of her team to expand services to provide virtual team services for realtors and other entrepreneurs. Her team says that she has the “strong ability to keep moving things forward even when the path is not clear, and is quick to solve problems when they arise. She is passionate about the work we do and never afraid to try new approaches.” Lindsey has an MA in TESOL from Hunter College in NYC and an MA in Educational Technology from Marlboro College in VT,  and is a licensed Massachusetts Realtor.

Zander Scott - COO

Zander leads the operational team in Bluefields, Nicaragua. With a degree in Sustainable Development focused on intercultural leadership and management from the School of International Training (SIT) in VT and an undergraduate degree in Media Studies from Hunter College in NYC, Zander’s work couldn’t be more closely aligned with his studies. It is a dream come true to create economic and professional growth opportunities in Bluefields, where he has called home for the last 15+years. He has put together a team of talented professionals, many of whom he had the privilege of working with over the years.

Prior to opening the eResponders office, he worked with blueEnergy, an international NGO focused on addressing climate change, and founded Bluefields Sound System, a recording studio dedicated to community produced music and media. His teammates describe him as an “out-of-the-box thinker but with practical groundedness and a strong ability to see the bigger picture” and as a leader who “empowers the team to manage and find solutions and consistently shows his dedication to local staff and community development.”

Gisselle Salomon - Virtual Teams Manager

Born and raised in Bluefields, Nicaragua, Gisselle left after receiving her degree in Business Administration from the Bluefields Indian and Caribbean University (BICU) to seek new experiences. She went to the capital, Managua, where she worked as a Sales Advisor in an international call center. Her teammates say, “She doesn’t get flustered when problems arise and always displays a positive outlook when facing new challenges.” When not at work, Gisselle might be enjoying a moment of peace reading poetry or traveling with friends and family.

Ariana Arguello - Virtual Teams Manager

With a degree in Business Administration in Hotel and Tourism, Ariana is laser focused on strategic development to provide the best service to our virtual team clients. She previously was the Project Coordinator for the Innovation Laboratory, which was a combined project of UNICEF and the Bluefields Indian and Caribbean University (BICU). For fun, Ariana can be found doing crafts, dancing, exploring new places, building with legos and doing humanitarian aid. Her teammates say, “She is a fiery leader who doesn’t hesitate to get things down on a whiteboard to make sense of a project.”

Yesibette Davila - Creative Director

Yesibette joined eResponders on our first project, leading the creative process on developing online learning modules. Prior to joining eResponders, Yesibette was a freelance designer and illustrator focused on editorial design for civil society organizations and NGOs in the Autonomous Region of Nicaragua. She is most proud of co-founding Waiku, an Art and Design Center, which made space for connecting the Caribbean and Nicaraguan cultural movements and allowed her to connect with many magical people. At eResponders, Yesibette has attracted and cultivated a robust team of creative talents. She values the opportunity at eResponders to work with a talented multidisciplinary staff and with a company that contributes to job generation in Bluefields, especially for creative talent. Yesibette’s teammates say, “Yesibette is a talented artist and strong leader who communicates with clarity and a unique calmness that conveys confidence and gently guides her team.”

Eric Lopp - Product Manager

Eric is based in Bluefields, where he worked for over a decade as a manager at blueEnergy, an international NGO, after traveling solo around most of South America and living/working in Colombia. This experience unveiled the depth of the human condition, how adaptable people are and that around any corner you may find a genius at work. His teammates credit Eric with “helping to keep our feet on the ground, asking the tough questions and diving into the weeds to understand and develop new systems.”

Elliette Bello - Virtual Teams Manager

Elliette is from the beautiful Corn Island, the Nicaraguan Caribbean jewel. Previously, Elliette worked for international development and humanitarian organizations, as an accountant for The Red Cross in Bluefields and before that, as an administrative assistant for Project Concern International. With her educational background in accounting and human resources, her colleagues say, Elliette brings an important eye for detail to the team. When not at work, you might find her watching every play at her kids’ football (soccer) games or tending her garden of flowering cacti.

Two communities connected

Bluefields, Nicaragua and Easthampton, MA

World Blue Mass 2

Easthampton Sunset Photo credit: Mike Girardi

Easthampton, located in the Connecticut River Valley of Western Massachusetts, is a thriving small town known for its creative entrepreneurs, breweries and beautiful setting. From a textile mill town to the thriving cultural and arts center it is today, Easthampton invites creative thinking and re-invention. So when the COVID-19 pandemic took hold, Lindsey, inspired by the creative entrepreneurial spirit surrounding her in Easthampton, launched eResponders to meet the urgent needs of organizations and small businesses needing to pivot quickly to the online environment.

Bluefields Sunrise Photo credit: Henrry González

Bluefields is located on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. It is a bustling multicultural and multilingual port town surrounded by tropical rainforest where different indigenous, Afro-descendant and mestizo ethnic groups converge.  It is celebrated throughout Nicaragua for its Caribbean music, gastronomy and natural beauty. Bluefields is part of an autonomous territory that seeks the sustainable development of its communities, opening the path to people to develop knowledge and skills in scientific, social and cultural studies. Our operations are located on the campus of Bluefields Indian & Caribbean University and partners with the Innovation Department to source and develop young talent.

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